Ottawa Health Sciences Center Cogeneration Plant

Ottawa, Ontario

The Ottawa Cogeneration Plant is a 74 MW combined cycle cogeneration facility, powered by a single LM 6000 PC gas turbine and a steam turbine. The plant has a long-term contract to supply steam, hot water, and chilled water to member institutions of the Ottawa Health Sciences Centre. The plant also supplies electricity to the provincial grid via the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) under a long-term contract with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). This contract was extends from inception, at the end of 2013, for a 20 year term.

The plant was commissioned in 1992. It is located on land owned by the Ottawa Health Sciences Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. TransAlta operates the Ottawa facility.

Of note, the plant meets ISO 14001 standards, the defining international standard for a holistic and strategic approach to environmental policy, plans and actions.

Key Information

Location: Ottawa, ON
Fuel: Natural Gas
Output (MW): 74
Canadian Power Ownership (%): 50
Commissioned: 1992