The Sheerness Coal Generating Station

Sheerness, Alberta

The 790 MW Sheerness Generating Station is co-owned by the TransAlta Cogen limited partnership (50%) and ATCO Power (50%). ATCO operates the plant’s two units.

Sheerness is located 200 kilometers northeast of Calgary near Hanna, Alberta.

The power plant’s two generating units annually produce about 5.5 million megawatt-hours of energy. Each unit consists of a boiler, turbine, generator, and environmental emission control equipment. Sheerness is fueled by coal from the nearby Sheerness Mine, and after 2021, will be fully capable of natural gas fired operation.  This will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the facility.

The Sheerness cooling pond is also a source of water for the town of Hanna and surrounding communities, as well as for irrigation water for farmers, and for regional recreation.

Key Information

Location: Hanna, AB
Fuel: Coal
Output (MW): 790
Canadian Power Ownership (%): 25
Commissioned: 1986