The Sheerness Coal Generating Station

Sheerness, Alberta

The 780 MW Sheerness Generating Station is co-owned by the TransAlta Cogen limited partnership (50%) and ATCO Power (50%). ATCO operates the plant’s two coal-fired units.

Sheerness is located 200 kilometers northeast of Calgary near Hanna, Alberta.

The power plant’s two generating units annually produce about 5.5 million megawatt-hours of energy. Each unit consists of a boiler, turbine, generator, and environmental emission control equipment. Sheerness is fueled by coal from the nearby Sheerness Mine.

The Sheerness cooling pond is also a source of water for the town of Hanna and surrounding communities, as well as for irrigation water for farmers, and for regional recreation.

Key Information

Location: Hanna, AB
Fuel: Coal
Output (MW): 780
Canadian Power Ownership (%): 25
Commissioned: 1986